Mayo Chiki! – 01 (First Impressions)

July 14, 2011 § 2 Comments


Hey guys!!! Today I’m gonna make a review for the first episode of Mayo Chiki which would be my first anime review although I started watching anime late 2009. Don’t worry I will keep this post short as possible. Here is the synopsis for the series taken from MyAnimeList:

“Konoe Subaru, 17, has been serving as the butler of Suzutsuki Kanade in school, a classmate of Sakamachi Kinjirou. Due to an accident, Sakamachi discovers Subaru’s secret… that he’s actually a girl!? Apparently she will be removed from her position if anyone at school finds out. What will unfold from this chain of events?”

The episode starts with a rude and painful wakeup call for Kinjiro Sakamachi as he was violently beaten up by his sister, Kureha. Don’t worry, he often gets beaten up by his sister and his mum since five. Don’t expect anything good for breakfast as they served only tomato dishes……

Ouch....That's gonna hurt...

I swear I can get stomach problems if I eat this

On the way to school, he happens to meet Kanade Suzutsuki with her butler, Subaru Konoe exiting their limo. By the way, Kanade is a daughter of the school principal so basically she can asks of anything and gets respected. Don’t know why there are fangirls screaming around the school when they see Subaru….even Kinjiro keeps staring at him/her…..

Damn you rich bastards....

Being rich and daughter of the school principal doesn't mean you can act arrogant

Have you heard of sunglasses?

Due to Kinjiro constant beating from his sister and his mum, he develops a fear of girls aka gynophobia, causing him to chicken out when a girl meets him. And no, not even porn from his friend can overcome his fear……

Don't worry she won't attack you or anything like that.....

He runs to the toilet to cool himself after a commotion earlier. Soon, he has a stomachache due to from his very acidic breakfast and accidentally stumble Subaru when he/she was doing her toilet busniess. Apparently, Kinjiro founds out that she was wearing kitten panties and wonders why he wore a panties…..

This is why you should ALWAYS lock when you are in a cubicle

Or have you thought that she is actually a girl???

After he left the toilet, he got confronted by Subaru and asks whether he had saw his/her underwear earlier. Kinjiro accidentally spilled the beans and Subaru punched him in the torso. Due to his constant beating, he manages to endure the punch. Kinjiro manages to run away towards the science lab, only to find that Subaru manages to catchup with him.

You can run but you can't hide

GOTCHA!! *Evil Grin*

Cornered by Subaru, Kinjiro teases her bad naming of things like fighting moves and Subaru blushes. Kinjiro notices a jar on top of the shelf is about to fall on Subaru and quickly saves her from the falling jar. Unfortunately, Kinjiro falls on her chest and reveals that she is a girl, disguised as a boy.

Is that supposed to be an insult or a complement?


Angered, Subaru knocks him unconscious with a fire extinguisher and woke up chained on the bed in the nurse office. He discovered that Kanade, Subaru’s master was sleeping right next to him. Kanade wokes up and teases Kinjiro and discovered that he is suffering from gynophobia. She also finds out that Kinjiro nosebleeds when a girl touches his body.

Owned by a fire extinguisher

This is nothing compared to what's going to happen next....

Apparently, Kanade chained him because he had knew that Subaru is a girl. She is force to disguise because of their family circumstances and she doesn’t want to quit being a butler for her. Also, Subaru has been chained on the other side of the bed and being gaged to prevent Subaru from attacking Kinjiro.

This is how you bribe without giving the actual money itself

Bouned and gaged....

You should have did that so that no one notices that you're a girl, dummy!

Kanade teases Subaru and they revealed that Kanade is a sadistic and a pervert girl. Kanade then makes a deal with Kinjiro that if he doesn’t tell that Subaru is a girl, Kanade will help him to cure his phobia. Kinjiro reluctantly agrees and Kanade continues to torture him by calling him names and touching his body everywhere….

Would you like to make a contract with me? Oh wait, you must or be killed...

If I were him, I wouldn't make a deal with hear at the first place

Does this scene remind you of School Days?

Thank god my name isn't so easy to make fun at...

Don't worry, I will rape you up and claim you responsible....

The next day, he (as usual) got woke up by his sister violently. As he make his way into the laundry room, he founds Subaru naked and gets beaten up. Thus, his nightmarish school life begins…

Yes, and this is the begining of your nightmare

Ok that IS a long post. This is my first anime review so I may be not as good. I accept any comments or suggestion but don’t give me any rude comments. For the series, I might as well stick around as this show could get interesting in the later episodes especially the next episode.


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