Back from Singapore……….and more thoughts

July 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

Hey guys!!! I just came back from Singapore and went to Universal Studios. Thanks to the Express Pass, I managed to ride most of the attractions. Back to the topic, I noticed that my site stats is low and I hope that with your help you can increase it. You can help increasing the site stats by…

  • Spread this website – You can help spread the word of this blog by posting it on any websites or share it to your friends. For anime blog owners, you can add the website link into your blogroll. If you want your website to be added into my blogroll, please contact me here.
  • Commenting – I would be glad if you can leave us a comment so I can use the comment to improve on my blog. Any response (except rude or spam comments) are accepted.

I would be posting Mayo Chiki Episode 2 review soon but I will make reviews for other anime series if I have the time. Hopefully, my site stats would go up and I would get decent site visits.


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