Mayo Chiki! – 02

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Got flinged to space...

Hey guys!!! Just came back from Singapore and feel groggy. Anyway, I’m gonna make a review for the second episode of Mayo Chiki! The episode starts with Subaru walking with Kinjiro and get along with each other. However, a group called S4, which hunts down anyone who tries to get close with Subaru. Unfortunately, their plans are often foiled by ex-members of the group which focuses on keeping Subaru and Kinjiro together.

I don't even want to know....

After a foiled attempt, Kanade gives Kinjiro a Sheep Card, which allows him to give any orders to Subaru and she must obey it. Kanade gives some pervy suggestions like pouring honey on Subaru to putting her in fetish costumes. I don;t expect Kinjiro has licking fetish but I maybe wrong.

She's gonna kill you if you lick her

Later, Kanade arranges a date for Subaru and Kinjiro in an attempt to cure Kinjiro phobia. Subaru changes into her dress and both of them went to the arcade. Kinjiro is able to win her a sheep plushie from a Claw machine and Subaru instantly cuddle it cutely.

I'm sure she's reading some porn doujin manga....

*stares at the sheep*

The sheep is not so happy as Subaru....

After a day in the city, both of them went to a quiet park in the evenings. Here, Kinjiro explains why he is scared of girls and gets a nosebleed everytime a girls touches him is because his mum and sister keeps using him as a punchbang since young as they are pro-wrestlers.

You should have called the Child Protection Agency at the first place...

Kanade then calls Subaru to initiate Phase Two of their dating plan and ask Kinjiro to use the Sheep Card. Instead of asking her to do some pervy stuff with him, he asked her to say “bah” like a sheep, which ends up her saying it extremely cute….

I don't like the sound of that....

On second thought, thanks but no thanks


At this point, Subaru takes advantage of the situation and wants to kill Kinjiro. Unfortunately, she got kicked by Kureha, Kinjiro sister which thinks that Subaru is a cross-dressing pervert and turning Kinjiro into a gay. Both of them fight and in the end, Kureha gets knockout kick. Kureha then cries and flees.

Owned in the face during a date....

Best Expression Ever!!!

Don't ever mess with a butler....

The next day, their class is having a physical examination and the nurses would have to take measurement for the boys. Unfortunately for Subaru, it means taking off her chest wrappings and exposing her actual gender. So, she asked Kinjiro to take her measurements down. Subaru then takes Kinjiro measurements as he wants to avoid being touched by the lady nurses.

This looks fun!!!

Your boobs are pretty soft...

I'm sure that Kinjiro wants to touch Subaru more after taking her measurements

After that, Kinjiro also decided to measure Subaru’s heart rate to prevent the doctors from finding out her actual gender. He holds and hugs her to measure her heart rate. Unfortunately, he passes out for holding her for too long. He wokes up outside and Subaru thanked him for skipping classes as they have to take Kinjiro to the nurse office. She then asks him to eat together as a favor for his actions earlier.

For a girl, you must be a heavy eater

Not the S4 group again....

They took their lunch on the rooftop of the school. Both of them warm up to each other and Subaru dozes off next to him. Interestingly, Kinjiro did not nosebleed this time and Kanade notices it. She is quite proud that her first step in curing his phobia of girls is working. She is also pleased that Subaru has made another friend since she is never close to anyone because of her master-butler relationship since young.


Back from school, Kureha confessed to her brother that she’s in love with Subaru since the incident that happened on Kinjiro and Subaru’s date. Kinjiro became shocked as he knows that Subaru is actually a girl and his sister is in love with her. Kinjiro prays that both of them would not be lesbians in the future.

Mindfucked that his sister is a lesbian

Wow that was unexpected that Kureha would fall in love with Subaru after a fight. I’m sure that her brain must have malfunction after the fight. Also, I have doubts that Subaru would allow Kinjiro to do pervy stuff with him even without a Sheep Card. The story seems a little rush but I would stick around to see what the next episode has to offer. Oh wait, swimming pools and girls in swimming suits!!!


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