Mayo Chiki! – 03

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I agree with this statement 180%

Hello guys!!! Episode Three just came out after I posted Episode Two review *sigh*. The reason the review for Episode two is late because I’m back from Singapore and the 3G reception sucks so I can barely update or even write a single post. I will try to publish the review as soon as the episode comes out. Anyway, back to the topic. Episode 3 starts with Subaru visiting Kinjiro before going to school. At the same time, Kureha came out from the bathroom naked to find a shampoo. She then screams, realizing that her crush, Subaru had saw her naked.

I'm still sleepy....

Never ever go naked when there is a guest in the house

At school, Kinjiro discusses to Kanade that his sister doesn’t want to talk with him and and his sister is in love with Subaru. At that time, Kureha appeared and she told them she worried that Subaru is a gay. Her worst fears came true when Kanade told her that Subaru is in love with Kinjiro. However, she told her that she shouldn’t worry as she is in love with Kinjiro. Thus, Kanade invites them for a double date at a local swimming pool.

So true......and yet so wrong

She's eavesdropping on you

Her expression still can't be compared to Kureha's one


At the swimming pool, all four of them split up into two groups. Subaru will go with Kureha to teach her how to swim while Kinjiro will go with Kanade. Unfortunately for Kinjiro, he has to bear with Kanade when she keeps touching him when they’re in the water.

I didn't say that you're my girlfirend....

Nosebleed anytime now....

After that, Kanade and Kureha goes and takes a drink at a nearby cafe, leaving Subaru and Kinjiro together. Subaru told that she had told her father that Kinjiro has found out her real gender and he is pissed off and wanted to kill him. At the same time, a child is drowning by the pool when Kinjiro and Subaru was walking and chatting. Kinjiro fearlessly saves the child, only to discover that the child is a girl and the girls keeps clinging on to him. Soon after, he begin to faint. He was rescued by Subaru and found himself lying on a bench. As they are about to find Kanade and Kureha, a boy came and gives a phone to Subaru. They are told that Kanade and Kureha are kidnapped. The masked kidnapper told them to meet at a nearby unfinished water attraction or else. Subaru told Kinjiro that she has a fear for knives as she was kidnapped years ago and the kidnapped was wielding a knife. Kinjiro told Subaru that he will meet with the kidnapper alone instead but Subaru refuses to allow him to go alone. Kinjiro then knocks out Subaru and quickly goes to the meeting point.

I though you were having Amnesia...

Sorry but the reception here sucks so I can't hear you

At the meeting point, the masked kidnapper asked for Subaru but Kinjiro said that she won’t be comming. The kidnapper then fights with him and Kinjiro manages to withstand most of the punches and kicks. He then wields his knife and just has he’s about to stab Kinjiro, it was stopped by Subaru, which manages to get over with her fear of knives. She manages to defeat him and they saved Kanade and Kureha in the process.

Apparently getting constantly beaten up by your mum and sis has paid off....

Now that's how you get over your fear, by facing them....(and some motivation from love)

I'm sure Kureha is dreaming some fantasies with Subaru....

It turns out that the kidnapper was actually Subaru’s father and it was a set-up by Kanade herself. In the midst of confusion, Kinjiro once again faint and woke up in Kanade’s Mansion.

Overprotective father....

But my daughter loves you!!!

After waking up and some confrontation with Subaru’s father, Subaru went and confesses to Kinjiro much to his surprise. She told him that she is worried of him when he was confronting with the kidnapper earlier. Unfortunately, Kureha barges in and spoil a romantic mood. Kureha scolds Kinjiro for being a two-timer and Subaru gets angry when Kureha told that Kinjiro is in love with Kanade. Kinjiro then jumps out of the window and takes Kanade along, claiming her hostage for setting up the situation. The episode ends with Kureha and Subaru chasing Kinjiro with Kanade into the sunset.

Just confess to him that you love him

Why do you have to spoil the mood....

I wonder how do you manage to survive this fall from the third floor....

Good question....

This episode really shows that Subaru feelings are actually fragile despite her will and determination to protect Kanade at all times. I still can’t believe that Subaru would actually serve a sadistic and a deceptive girl like Kanade. By the way, Kanade looks hot with that swimming suit. I wonder what happens when Subaru wears one….Well I would stick around for the next episode to see what happens next which involves bathroom scenes and other random stuff.


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