Mayo Chiki – 04

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Hey guys!!! Since I am having exams and I don’t want to spend a lot of time on the PC, this post would be short and kept simple. Also, there won’t be lot of screencaps as there is not a lot of worthy screencaps in this episode either. The episode starts with the arrival of Golden Week for Kinjiro, as he has a quiet and peaceful week for him to enjoy alone because his sister is joining a camp for two weeks. As he was enjoying his instant noodles in the morning, he gets interupted by Subaru’s visit and she is wearing a cat cosplay for some reason.

Then why don't you marry it if you love it so much...

I dare you to say no!!!

Apparently, she was kicked out of her house because of some “problems” and as nowhere to go but here, according to Kanade. Because of that, Subaru vows to serve Kinjiro as his master, much to his suprise. Instead of letting Kinjiro goes back to sleep, Subaru forced him to sparring with her in the wrestling ring inside his house. Afterwards, both of them took a bath to refresh themselves.

I wonder why Subaru didn't blush at that time....

Subaru then scrubs and washes Kinjiro’s back without any shame or even blushing. Suddenly, they heard a sound outside the bathroom. Much to their surprise, Kureha apparently went back home earlier than usual as her hand was injured when she was fighting with a bear. Kureha begins to suspect that a girl is inside the bathroom with Kinjiro when she notices a neatly-folded bra next to a laundry. She then knocks down the door and to Kinjiro and Subaru surprise, Kureha fainted as soon as she saw Subaru in the bathtub.

"Did you just called me a pedobear???!!!!!"

Woken up, Kureha is delighted to see Subaru and showing good attitude towards Subaru. At the same time, Kanade barges in and moves into his house,offering him to be his maid but Kinjiro refuses her offer. Dismayed, Kanade challenges Subaru in a competition of service skills.

Hmmm...I wonder...

During the feeding challenge, as Subaru is about to feed Kinjiro mouth-to-mouth, he collapsed due to a high fever. His sister then panicked and he is sent to bed to get some rest. Subaru tries to get Kinjiro better by using unorthodox methods, such as giving him a hot bowl of chili soup to tasing him, but his condition only get worse.

This is the first time that I saw a guy refusing a apple given from a girl mouth-to-mouth

Say Ahhhhh.....

Noooo....not chilies........AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Kanade then comes in, telling him why Subaru ran away from home. They decided to meet with Subaru’s father, which now lives in a tent by the river. The father told him that since the kidnapping incident, Subaru doesn’t want to talk to him and now feeling depressed. The overprotective father asks for an apology from Kinjiro but refuses. At the same time, Subaru came and kicks her father from the back, telling him to stay away from Kinjiro.

Owned by your own daughter....

She drags Kinjiro back but then he faints again going up the hill. Subaru begins to weep and cry, telling him not to die. This is because she did not want to lose him as this reminds her of her mum passed away when she was young. Kinjiro promised to her that he will survive and will not die because of a cold or flu. Recovered on the next day, both of them meet at the school roof. Subaru told Kinjiro that she would be visiting her father as he has fallen ill. She then blushes, said thanks to him and quickly left, implying that she cares about him and has a crush on him. Kanade then appeared, telling him that Subaru has changed a lot and opened herself up. She then kisses Kinjiro, telling that she has a crush on him. Kanade still calls him a chicken as he did nosebleed during the kiss.

He's cheating on Subaru....

The kiss from Kanade was pretty random from my standpoint. I never thought she would have a crush on him as I can tell the she is blackmailing him most of the time. Also, Subaru feeling towards Kinjiro is really shown in this episode compared to the last one. I hope this anime won’t become another harem as harems has no ending and the story goes on and on endlessly. Anyways, the next episode would introduce a new character and hopefully, I can post the next review as soon as possible as this review is a little late due to exams and I have some computer problems. *sigh*


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