Mayo Chiki – 05

August 13, 2011 § Leave a comment


Hey guys!!! Just finished my exams, only to discover that there’s another exam a day after I finished my exams. No, not a resit, but an exams from the school just to stress us out after the exams. Nowadays, school is just real dumb. Anyway, back to the topic. The episode starts witha introduction of a new character, Masamune Usami, a purple-haired girl you can see at the opening and at the credits. Kinjiro and Usami met during a motocycle accident. Kinjiro manages to survive the accident thanks to his beatings from his sister and his mum. He goes and checks whether Usami, the bike rider that knocks him over is okey. He notices that his glasses were stuck on Usami’s thigh boots and ask her for his glasses. Misunderstood for a perverted joke, Usami kicks him and knocks him down. She recognized him and asks him about his relationship with Subaru. She then continues to knock him down.





Kinjiro is awaken and found himself at the school clinic with Usami’s boot marks on his chest. He also founds that Subaru was next to him and has been listening to his unconscious mumblings when he was in bed. She asks whether he would like to go together with him during the school festival. He reluctantly agrees and then he asks Subaru about his kissing experience he has with Kanade earlier. Misunderstood that he means the kissing experience during a CPR with him when he was drowning at the pool last time, she panicked and started blushing. Confused, she then insists of kissing together since no one else was in the school clinic. As they were about to kiss, Kanade surprised them from the curtains.




Kanade asks Subaru what happens if a guy kisses her since she has found a love letter form a unknown guy in her locker. She responded that she would kill anyone who touches Kanade. Kanade then teases Kinjiro about their kiss and asks him why he hasn’t talk much after the kiss. She also decided she is going to have a maid-themed cafe for the upcoming school festival. While Kinjiro was walking back to class, Usami drags him to the rooftop and asks him to pretend as her boyfriend until the school festival and go together with her on the school festival. Kinjiro refuses, saying that he is going with someone else already. She told that she is a member of the S4 group and told him there would be a war between the S4 group and the resistance during the school festival.




Usami threatens to blackmail him by spreading a picture of Subaru and him together at the arcade that she captured with her cellphone. At the same time, Subaru was going up to the rooftop to find him. Usami told her that she is going out with Kinjiro during the school festival and Subaru doesn’t believe it. Worried for Subaru’s reputation, Kinjiro agrees with Usami’s statement. Furious since he made a promise with her earlier, Subaru beats Kinjiro up and runs away crying, breaking up their relationship.



After school, Usami drags Kinjiro to buy her a swimsuit since her class is having a swimsuit cafe for the school festival and she doesn’t have one. After deciding her swimsuit, she gives it Kinjiro to pay for it but he refuses. He accidentally falls into the changing room while Usami was changing when he is passing the swimsuit back to her and gets beaten up.


On their way back, Usami suggests that they should call themselves nicknames since they’re couples till the end of school festival. Kinjiro decides to call her Usamin and she gets pissed off. She told him whatever happens to her, he should always believe in her. Usami decides to call him Idiot-Chicken, much to his dismay. The episode ends with a blonde from the first episode spying on Usami the next day.


I felt sorry for Kinjiro and Subaru after they broke up just from a simple request from Usami (and blackmail). It shows that their relationship is quite fragile even they are very close. I’m very suprised that Usami hasn’t even figured out that Subaru is a girl even with the picture captured. As usual, Kanade is as deceiving as she would. I’m sure that Subaru and Usami are enemies right now. Also, I’m sure that the next episode would introduce the blonde girl from the first episode. Anyway, I’m quite busy and since my internet is down, the upcoming posts would be delayed but I would catch up in the upcoming weeks.


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