Mayo Chiki – 06

August 13, 2011 § 2 Comments


Hey guys!!! Since my internet is pretty down for two days due to a broken cable caused by ongoing construction of a LRT line near my house, the last episode review is more late than usual. However I manage to catchup on this post and hopefully, post the episode review on time. The episode starts with Usami finishing her shift and going out with Kinjiro. As Usami is about to feed Kinjiro, Subaru stopped her and both of them begin to argue while walking together with Kinjiro. They decided to take a break at the animal cafe and Subaru was somehow being drawn by the sheep decorations and gifts. At the same time, Kureha meets Usami however Usami felt envious towards her as she is always cheerful and bright.









Suddenly, a girl in a sheep costume surprised Kinjiro and punches him down the staircase. She claims to be the president of “Watching Over Subaru-sama” group and warns Kinjiro that he might be a causality of the war between the S4 group and the “Watching Over Subaru-sama” group. She is also a BL manga artist and draws a yaoi manga about Kinjiro relationship with Subaru, besides having a glasses fetish. She also tells Kinjiro that he is being tricked by Usami and know about the deal formed on the rooftop before the school festival. Usami suddenly appears and kicks the girl down. Kinjiro asked whether she has tricked him and she became pissed off. As she was going to kick Kinjiro, Subaru stops her and Usami quickly runs away weeping. Kinjiro told everything about the war that is going to happen soon to Subaru and they quickly went to the venue where the war is going to happen.





Inside the hall where the war is about to start, they are suprised to discover that the president for the S4 group is Kanade, thus blowing their cover. She announced that there would be a quiz show and whoever side wins can do whatever they want to Kinjiro. During the final question, Kanade asks who is the first person did Subaru kissed and Subaru answered it, saying it was Kinjiro. Both groups became surprised and Kinjiro quickly calm the situation down by telling everyone that he loves Kanade instead. Kanade rejects him and quickly leaves the stage. Kinjiro then chases her down out of the hall. Although the confession is for his own self defense, Kanade is deeply hurt and as revenge, she told Kinjiro that he loves him and he begin to nosebleed.







Kanade also told him that Usami left the S4 group even before the war even started. Kinjiro then begins to search for Usami and found her at her favourite place, the rooftop. Usami told Kinjiro that she was planning to transfer to other school since she is always alone and never has friends. She thought she could be good friends with Subaru since she is in the same boat as her. Unfortunately, Subaru changed and she becomes cheerful and has friends. Usami realised that she changed by herself instead by him as initially thought. As Kinjiro wants to comfort her before the school festival ends, he revealed his phobia. Usami laughs at him and told him that everyone is different in their own way and shouldn’t worry about it. Then, Subaru came and told Kinjiro that Kanade explained everything to her and she apologizes him. The school festival ends with a dance bonfire, participated by them and other students. The episode ends with Usami telling Kinjiro that she would promise to cure his gynophobia a day after the school festival.





I would never thought that Kanade is the real mastermind behind this. She IS probably a real sadist and I don’t know how can people would even stand her. Of course, Subaru loves sheep and looks hot in that China dress. I wonder if Usami has a crush on Kinjiro, but I might be wrong. The next episode would be a beach episode so I won’t be writing much as this episode.


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