How to run Clannad Full Voice in Linux via Wine

August 29, 2011 § 28 Comments

Hey guys!!! After hours of tweaking and searching the net, I have figured out how to run Clannad in Linux on Wine. Usually, running Clannad on Wine would cause REALLIVE.EXE errors and the application is rated “Garbage” on AppDB here. The Limited Edition works flawlessly but I’m sure its quite hard to find a copy of it these days even on the Internet. So, I compiled a set of instructions on how to run Clannad Full Voice on Linux. This method is tested on Ubuntu 11.10 with Wine 1.2.2 but I’m sure it would also work on Fedora and OpenSUSE.

1) Install Wine here. (I’m sure many of you have installed it already)

2) Open Terminal and install additional components needed for the game by typing winetricks directx9 vcrun2005 takao. These components are needed otherwise you will get “Error: Unable to Format Text”

3) After the components are install, you would need to set non-unicode programs to Japanese in order for the game to work. Open the Registry Editor by tying wine regedit. Find the key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Nls\Language. Double click on Default and change number to 0411 (Japanese). This is the only way to set the non-unicode programs since Wine does not have a setting for that.

4) Install Rlvm, a script for Key’s game engine, RealLive which is used in visual novels. You can download it here. Run and install the DEB file as usual.

5) Install Clannad Full Voice and the translation patch as usual. (I’m not going to elaborate on this step)

6) Start Rlvm and when asked for game directory, go to /home/[YOUR USERNAME]/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/CLANNAD Full Voice (If not found, try right click and select “Show Missing Files”).

7) Volia! The game will start and you would be greeted by a smoothing music and a main menu.

So far, the sound is played and the text is shown properly. However, I can’t seem to change the fonts but it shouldn’t be a problem. You shouldn’t have problem running the game as it really works as opposed to the Wine report. Hopefully, I would post a set of instruction on WineDB soon.


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§ 28 Responses to How to run Clannad Full Voice in Linux via Wine

  • Zerp64 says:

    This works wonderfully, but I was kind of disappointed to learn that rlvm saves in .rlvm rather than where the game would save on Windows, and in a different format as well. Is there a way to import our Windows saves over to these rlvm-formatted saves?

  • Cala says:

    I got a problem with Clannad,
    I work on ubuntu 11.04 and with wine 1.2.3,
    I follow every step and the game run, I start a new game and it works,
    until Nagisa sight (at the very begining, then I heard her sigh but I can see no text and then, the game crash.
    How can I fix it ?
    (Sorry for my poor english, I’m french and not really bilingual)

    • DragonHunter says:

      Mine works so far. Probably the game is corrupted. Try reinstalling or redownloading the game to see if it works or not. If possible, use the latest version of Ubuntu since 11.04 is unstable and 11.10 is more stable. You will need to install Visual C++ Runtime 2005 to make the game work and setting it to Japanese via the registry editor, though.

      • Cala says:

        Well, I guess the problem came from the game, I redownloaded another version and it works.
        I’m still in ubuntu 11.04 so there’s nothing with this version, I guess.
        Thanks for the answer.

  • lml99 says:

    Does anyone know a version to download that works? Links would be nice.

  • lml99 says:

    What other requirements are necessary to run clannad?

    • DragonHunter says:

      Same as those system requirements needed to run Clannad.

      Processor: 1GHZ
      Memory: 512/1024 MB of RAM
      HDD Space: 6GB and above
      Video Card: DirectX 9.0 compatible video cards (For linux, you can use either open-source or proprietary drivers in order for the game to run)

  • rehellio says:

    I have to let you know that RealLive Virtual Machine(RLVM) is a virtual machine that emulates the RealLive engine in the game runs on linux nativly. So basically it’s a game engine built for Linux and OSX. If you run windows you really don’t need this software cause the VN were made for windows systems. It dosen’t require wine to run so installing wine would just be a waste of space. I have used RLVM before and I like it a great way to get Clannad(or any of Key’s VN) to work on linux. The software can be a bit buggy in a few places and it can tax on older machines like mine so it recommended to save a lot.

  • al_2010 says:

    Is it just me, or rlvm didn’t play op00.mpg of Clannad full voice (even Little busters!) video during gameplay?

    • DragonHunter says:

      I think you need to use the original cd files to make it work. Some pirated downloads on the net don’t work however…

      • al_2010 says:

        Strange, it works for me in Windows Vista OEM before I transition to Ubuntu Linux (due to some of my old games can’t run in Vista).

        Well anyway, I’ve already place an order of Key 10th memorial box and let’s see if it works. Thanks BTW.

  • abstractism says:

    I just installed this and the english translation, but when I run it in rlvm, the game starts in japanese. have i bungled something somewhere?

  • AKO says:

    do you know how to run schooldays HQ over wine?

  • Connor Sutton says:

    Thanks so much for this tutorial, have tried for hours to get clannad to work on wine, but this made it all easy. Thanks again!

  • Diamant le Fou says:

    I’m using Chakra Linux 2012.5 (a fork of Arch) which uses pacman packages so I can’t use the .deb that’s on the website, I tried to download the sourcecode but when I type :
    scons –release
    I get :
    scons: Reading SConscript files …
    Checking for Boost version >= 1.40… no
    Boost version >= 1.40 needed to compile rlvm!
    I know I’ve got boost 1.52 installed on my computer so I shouldn’t get that error.
    I don’t know if there’s any other way to install it (the tarball in the AUR doesn’t work either and many people complained about it, so I guess my computer is not the problem this time)
    I’ve been waiting to play to this game for a long time but I didn’t know about RLVM.
    Thank you for this tutorial.

  • Jon says:

    Thanks for this guide, it definately made things alot simpler. I’m only having one problem and thats the freezing at the bgining when you look into the sky dialogue stops all movement stops and you cant open the menue or anything. ive tried fuwanovels version of the game and I’ve tried selfdemandeds (Piratebay)version, but both freeze at the same spot.
    So I’m just hoping someone can help me find a copy that does work. properly.

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