Mayo Chiki – 08

August 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

Hey guys!!! Been pretty busy this week figuring out how to make Clannad run on linux and some other stuff so this post is pretty late than usual. The episode starts with Subaru forced to read an errotic novel by the president of the “Watching Over Subaru-Sama” group after giving her a sheep card which allows Subaru to do anything. She became embarrased and throws the novel out after reading a few lines. After a commotion earlier and the rest of the girls have spent their time at the hot spring, all of them go to sleep. Kinjiro woke up after feeling unconfortable sleeping with girls and decided to go for a bath. He was suprised to find Subaru with him at the bath when he was getting into the pool. Both of them got a shock when they find out Subaru’s father was going to the bath when Kinjiro was about to leave the bath and Subaru decides to hide behind Kinjiro, out of her father’s sight.



Luckily, he left the pool furious after a little chat about his relationship with Subaru. However, he came back when he found out Subaru’s panties were lying at the changing room. He suspects that Kinjiro is bathing with Subaru and decides to beat him up. Unfortunately, he is stopped by Subaru and he is knocked out.


The next morning, Kinjiro wonders what happened to him last night since he was also knocked down by Subaru after she accidentally exposed her entire body at him after knocking her father down. For the whole day, the girls spend their time playing at the beach. At the evening, all of them went to a festival held nearby. Usami argued with Kanade about her relationship with Kinjiro. Kanade decides to have a shooting competition and it quickly becomes a fight between themselves. Kinjiro asks Kanade where is Subaru and tells him that she is at the mountains nearby. He is confronted by her father while walking uphill and tells him that she is at her mother’s grave since tomorrow was her death anniversary. He also told him that Kanade purposely does not want to go with her parents for a holdiday just for Subaru to visit her mother’s grave on her death anniversary.





At the grave, Subaru told him that she is anti-social in the past since she does not want anyone to know that she is a girl. She begins to break down and cry and Kinjiro manages to comfort her. Kinjiro faints after comforting her and wakes up at a tent at the festival. His sister told him that she would be participating in a Battle Royale which would be held soon. He is suprised to find Subaru, disguised as Punyuu as the queen. He knows that the winner of the battle would get to kiss the queen. He doesn’t hesistate to dodge the paintball rounds and managed to bring down an apponent. He also founds out that the president of Subaru-sama group becomes drunk after drinking some coke and begins to strip Usami and Kureha. She is stopped by Kanade and threathens to destroy Kinjiro glasses if she won’t surrender. Kanade throws the glasses and the president nearly got the glasses but ends up falling into a pond. However, for the sake of Subaru’s father she doesn’t let Kinjiro win the competition and Kanade is declared the winner for the competition.




Kinjiro wakes up near a shrine on Subaru’s lap. She makes a fuss over the sheep that Kanade gave it when she won the competition. The episode ends with both of them watching fireworks.




Damn! I thought Subaru was going to make a confession at the fireworks (But that would spoil the series). I don’t understand how someone could get drunk from drinking coke unless that’s sugar rush, if you ask me. This series is much better than I expected with very little of those bright lights censoring with the exception of two scenes in this episode. I have very little time to watch the episode, let alone blog since my major exam is comming next month. Hopefully, I can finish the series before this month. Cya guys!!!


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