Astarotte no Omocha OVA

September 15, 2011 § 2 Comments


Hey guys!!! Just finished my stuff over the weekend on my projects so I watch this to fill up my spare time. As you may have already known, this series is about a 10-year old princess called Princess Lotte, which hates guys are forced to suck something from a guy in order to survive (which she didn’t). Of course if you watch the series already, it’s way different than the synopsis I have given. Although the series is decent, there are some unanswered questions about how Nagoya and Mercelida, Lotte’s mom (If you watch the series then you will understand) met in the past and Asuha came to be plus some other stuff like where Zelda get her training from. I’m not gonna elaborate on this unlike other reviews as this OVA does not have much storyline.

In the first part of the OVA, it’s about Asuha doing a research on underwear which causes commotion among Lotte, her servants and her friends. When Lotte is doing a research on dragon eggs, she accidentally dropped the egg and manages to save it. Unfortunately, the nest is damaged and Asuha decided to make a nest out of panties to warm up the egg. The egg hatches and Asuha and Lotte decided to combine their research on panties and dragon eggs after the incident earlier.


The second part of the episode focuses on Zelda and how she became Lotte’s bodyguard. She became her bodyguard four years ago and was trained by her father at that time. She proved her ability to protect Lotte when fending off an angry llama. This part is pretty boring as far as I watched and it’s too short.


This is probably the favourite part of the OVA and probably for everyone else that watch the OVA trailer before. If you have guess that this part is about how Queen Mercelida and Nagoya met, you’re right! The story takes place 11 years ago and at that time she was young and does not want to rise up to the throne. She falls into the Human World when her pet is pestering her to go back to the castle. She met Nagoya when he was giving a helping hand to her after she fell down the pond. She told him that she does not want to be a queen and due to royal conflict between her two sisters, she is forced to be one. Nagoya comforts her, telling her not to worry about it. During his sleep, she have sex with him to fill up her magical energy to go back to the Monster World. Eleven years later, they accidentally met him and their daughter while sleeping and they……wait, that’s another story.


Well I can’t believe that Nagoya agrees to actually did it to Mercelida when he was still 12 years old. Still the OVA is pretty short and now, at the end of the video, it says “To Be Continued” so I wonder if a second season is in the plans right now or it means this is the prequel to the current series. Either way, this OVA pretty much sucked as the plot is too short. They should have make it at least an hour long or so the episode is much more interesting and doesn’t suck, like this.


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