Mayo Chiki – 09

September 17, 2011 § Leave a comment


Hey guys!!! Sorry for the delay for this post so I’m just gonna make it short as possible. This episode will focus about Usami and her part-time job. She now works at a maid cafe since the wages is high and she is able to wear cute clothes. He is asked to help Usami when he was on his break and suprised to find Kanade at the cafe. After a little chat with her, Usami tries to make Kanade to leave the cafe and they both got into an argument. Meanwhile, while Subaru tries to find Kanade, she is forced into a butler cafe to work as a case of mistaken identity of another worker. Kanade is shocked to see that pictures taken of Usami and her customers has ghostly images on it when she looked at the cafe photo album.




As Kanade is going to leave, they stumble with Nakuru, the President and Kureha. Both of them immediately employed by the chef due to lack of staffs. After taking a break and Kanade beating Kureha in a video game, Usami gathered the maids to give a fly kiss to Kanade as she has won the game. Kinjiro accidentally grouped her breasts when he tripped and begins to collapse.


After waking up, Kanade tells everyone that he collapse and feeling ill because he has a maid fetish. Kanade also tells that he is interest with maids with garter belts. Kinjiro denies it and Kanade decides to test whether Kinjiro has a maid fetish by asking Usami to show her garter belts. She agrees to show it to him and Kinjiro try to supress his feelings. However, it was interupted when Subaru goes to the cafe and found Kanade. Both of them went home as it was already late at night.



Kinjiro begins to chase Subaru and asks her how is she doing right now. Subaru tried to confess her feeling towards him but ends up saying that he is her best friend. Back at the cafe, Usami insists Kinjiro of working here since she wanted to and there was little staff. The episode ends with Usami chasing Kinjiro when he founds out her secret ringtone for his number.



This episode has some quirks and some comedic scenes but I’m not so impressed with this episode. I am pretty dissapointed that Subaru did not dare to confess to Kinjiro. Well, the series is going to end soon so a confession should be around episode 11 or 12 if I’m right. Cya guys!!!


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