Mayo Chiki – 10 & 11

September 23, 2011 § Leave a comment


Hey guys!!! I’ve decided to combine two episodes into one post since both episodes have been uploaded around the same time and I have exams in two weeks time. Episode 10 focuses on Kureha’s 16th birthday and she celebrated it at Usami’s apartment with Nakuru and Usami. Nakuru gives her a pair of glasses and Usami gives her a body pillow featuring Subaru as her birthday presents. Afterwards, both of them acted in a play written by Nakuru which ends up Nakuru being flinged after attempting to kiss Usami during the play. Three of them went to the Maid cafe to meet Subaru and Kanade and continue her birthday celebration. Later, Subaru and Kureha compete in a game, custom-designed by a group of boys asked by Kanade a day before her birthday.




Throughout her birthday, she has memories of her previous birthday and how her brother managed to cheer her up. However, she told them that she had the worst birthday last year when Kinjiro forgets her birthday and went to the concert instead. When she got home, Kinjiro gave her a polar bear plushie as her birthday present. Kinjiro promises not to forget her birthday since the incident last year. This episode is decent but a little bit boring as it did not focuses on the actual plot, that is the development of the relationship between Subaru and Kinjiro.




On episode 11, the story goes back to the plot itself. It’s a new semester and the episode starts with Subaru and Kinjiro meeting with Usami when her bike went out of control when going to school. During lunch, Subaru became drunk and strips after tasting a piece of meat containing some white wine. She begin to lick his neck when Kanade asks her to clean up his mess. After bringing her to the nurse office, Kanade told Kinjiro that she has a cute hiccup, letting up a voice “Nyu” and he tries to coverup her cute voice when he was taking her to the nurse office. She told him that her cute hiccup is her weak point since young. Subaru told him that her hiccup caused a commotion among their household. Kinjiro doesn’t believe all this and is suprised that Subaru acted out of control when hearing her hiccup.






When Subaru was getting equipment to stop Kanade’s hiccup, Kanade takes advantage of the situation and asks him about his relation with Subaru. Afterwards when Kinjiro ran out of the nurse office and accidentally knocked on Subaru, she told them that her hiccup has stop suddenly. She gives a hint to Kinjiro that the incident earlier was a set-up after all. When walking back to class, she fell down the stairs and suffered a sprained ankle. At the rooftop, Subaru’s father told Kinjiro and her daughter that she is no longer a butler and can now live as a girl. She breaks down into tears and begins to runaway. Kinjiro chased her at a road bridge nearby. The episode ends with Subaru distracting him by kissing him on the cheek and continues to run.





The two episodes seem to be the same apparently but in a different way. The series seems to be a little rushed and skips some major points. Hopefully, the last episode (or not) can explain everything and conclude this series. Almost forgot, Kanade’s hiccup is too cute to be described. You have to hear it to believe it. Cya guys!!!


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