Mayo Chiki – 12 & 13 (Final Impressions)

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Hey guys!!! I have not been blogging much due to my exams but now, my exams are all over and I have a holiday break for 3 months. Time to finish up what I started before starting blogging on Fall 2011 anime season. Episode 12 starts with a continuation from the last episode. Kinjiro hitches a ride from Usami to find Subaru after running away from him in the last episode. He manages to find her at a temple where they used to watch fireworks during the festival. They decided to stay in the hot spring inn since it’s already late at night. Kinjiro told Subaru that he couldn’t sleep well due to the fact he has never slept with a girl before and starts having weird fantasies about doing it with Subaru. He begins to overreact when Subaru gets closer to him and gets beaten up by her. In the end, they decided to hold hands while sleeping on different beds.


The next morning, both of them got a welcome from their respective relatives. At school, everyone was shocked when they knew that Subaru has transfered school especially the S4 and Shooting Star group. However, she is still schooling at the same school, only to disguise as Punyuu, Subaru’s so-called cousin. Nakuru and Kureha is happy to meet her again since the summer break and begins chatting with her. Although Subaru was no longer a butler and becomes a girl at school, she felt lonely and realises that all the time, Kanade and her job being a butler gave her support. Kinjiro then helps her to go back being a butler by going to S4 group and telling them that to co-operate with him to get back Subaru. They held a petition and finally, the amount of signatures collected from the petition made Subaru to go back to herself being a butler.




The next day after Subaru goes back being a butler, Kanade thanked Kinjiro for helping and supporting Subaru all the time. Later, at night, Subaru called him to meet with her at a nearby park to thank him that she became a butler again. He soon finds out that Kanade was all behind this meeting and Subaru immediately kisses Kinjiro. She then told him that his phobia is still not cured and still a long way to go.




Episode 13 focuses on Nakuru and her troubles from a sudden confession from an unknown boy to her boob complex. I’m not gonna elaborate on this episode since this episode is more like a filter episode than an actual episode or even following the plot itself. Still, this episode is pretty decent even if it’s not part of the plot.





Final Impressions:

Overall, this series is pretty decent compared to other Summer 2011 anime series. The only thing that interest me about the series is Subaru cross-dressing and the attitude her sadistic master, Kanade. At first, the series looks promising and great until episode 8 which does not focuses on the actual plot and more like filter episode. Luckily, the series redeemed itself on the 11th episode and brings the series to the original plot. I’m pretty dissapointed that the series ended with focusing on Nakuru. I believe that the series ends on episode 12 instead and episode 13 is just another filter episode. So far, the story development and the characters are pretty decent. Hopefully, there would be a second season but I doubt that would happen anytime soon.

Overall Rating: 7/10


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