Mashiro-iro Symphony: The Color of Lovers 02 & 03

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Hey guys!!! Time to finish up two episode at a time since I have free time currently after finishing my project that will be revealed soon (It’s a secret). The episode starts with a gloomy atmosphere for the newly transfered students since they were rejected yesterday in the last episode. Shingo tries to brighten up the scene by greeting with Airi but ends up failing. His relationship with Airi got worse when he

accidentally went to a toilet when Airi was washing her hands. During the P.E. lesson, the boys got a relief when they are told that some girls do not object with the merge.


Shingo becomes misunderstood as a pervert by the girls when he accidentally entered the class where the girls are changing and accidentally looked at Airi panties while picking up a chalk, thus making the gloomy atmosphere even worse. At lunch, he meets with Amaha Miu, a third-year student when she was finding the kitten. She told him that she has never seen a boy before and told him that he will need to get used to the new school. At home, her sister told him that she is more welcome by the schoolmates since she is a girl.



Back at school, the boys get insults and bad remarks from the girls during the assembly. The school principal told everyone that the school will implement a special curriculum for both the boys and the girls. The boys get a shock when they know the special curriculum involves sewing, cooking, flower arrangements and such. During the cooking lesson, the boys have a tough time doing cooking chores like cutting and peeling with the exception of Shingo since he remains calm all the tim. Soon, the other boys followed him and, thus brighten up the mood. The girls realised that the boys are pretty helpful especially when they helped to finish up the meal that they have cooked too much of it.





A week after the merge, Shingo class is having an election for a class representative, one from the all-girls school and one for Shingo previous school. In the end, he was elected representing his former school students. Airi becomes dissapointed when she was elected and is forced to work with him.

On Episode 3, the school days starts with a messed up duties due to imbalance between boys and girls and both of the class representatives need to stay back at school to sort it out. As he was going back, he meets with Miu when he was chasing the kitten. He is invited to joined the Kitten Club since the club has few members and would be great if he joined in.



Back at school, it was later found out that Airi was not fond with animals when the kitten messes up and bounce on top of her hair. She became more jealous when Shingo becomes helpful when he helps a couple of his classmates to fix a watch. When going back home, Airi told Shingo sister that she might have develop some feelings with him.




When they are unable to finish their work in time, Shingo offered Airi to let him finish the work all by himself. In exchange, she would have to tutor him in hsi studies to prepare him for the mid-term exams soon. After finishing up his work, he is suprised to find his sister, Miu and Ange waiting for him outside the school. They were waiting for him because his sister wants his help to carry some stuff when they visit the mart afterwards. When Shingo is getting some hair gel at the mart, he stumbles into Airi and she begin to freak out.



Making a review of an episode which has a Tsundere is not the easiest thing to do especialy if you don’t like the character. Anyway, I’m pretty interested in what the story would develop into. I don’t really like Airi even though she is a Tsundere due to her attitude towards boys. Probably she will change in the next episode or so but I don’t think she will change much though. By the way, the kitten is quite cute and if I ever had a chance to see one, I would adopt one. Cya guys!!!


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