Guilty Crown (First Impressions)

November 2, 2011 § 1 Comment


Hey guys!!! Been busy writing a wiki and still have time for anime suprisingly. This time, I’m gonna take a bit on Guilty Crown, one of the Fall anime season’s title. Some say the OP song is awesome but I have to find out for sure. I will be covering up to Episode 3 as it is the lastest episode, as the date of this post is published. The story takes place in the year 2039 when Japan is controlled by a corrupt organization GHQ after a virus outbreak 10 years ago. Ouma Shuu, an average 17 year old boy have his life changed when he meets Yuzuriha Inori, a popular internet singer which happens to be a member of a resistance guerrilla Undertaker.


Episode one and two is more of a prologue of what you will expect from the series like mecha fighting and the story why the Undertaker is resisting the organization. Yes, there is some violence and blood so it is not recommended for the light-hearted ones but I’m sure this is no problem for most of us. The prologue showed us that Ouma has gained powers to forge a weapon within another person’s body when the stolen test tude holding a Void Genome breaks during an attack. Episode three focuses on Shuu’s relationship with Inori when she is transfered to his school and stayed with him. Shuu got betrayaled by his friend, Yahiro after he has found out that he is a drug dealer.


So far, the series is pretty good and maybe the best of all the current anime series for this season. The animation is pretty smooth even in battles and well drawn. I’m sure Production I.G. spent lots of effort to draw and render these kind of animation. The storyline seems familiar to Code Geass but of course, this is still too early to say that yet. This series has lots of potential but I hope it doesn’t end in 12 episodes, otherwise the story would be too rushed and ruined the entire series. The characters are probably the most disappointing part of the series. The main character, Shuu is a chicken and lives in a box most of the time, besides being anti-social. Plus, Inori is not so great in terms of her character. She is more like a doll and doesn’t do much. I didn’t see any fanservice yet, probably due to the fast scenes in the show plus too much focus on the fighting scenes until I didn’t focus on the other two mecha pilot girls.


The OP? The one in the first episode fits the mood for the series. The following episodes seems smoothing and really fits the theme of the a dark futuristic situation. I can’t say that the OP is awesome since I have my own opinion and I’m not into Japanese music too. If you look closely at the ED, you will see that the scenes of the Inori and Shuu walking behind the background sometimes changes, depending on the episode. Overall, the series is worth taking a bite if you have time or only following one series for the entire Fall anime season.

Rating: 8.5/10


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  • Shu Ouma says:

    I wish that I didn’t get this power of kings. u__u;
    *sighs* Well I hope the writers don’t make me do anything drastic!!

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