Guilty Crown 05

November 12, 2011 § Leave a comment


The main character, Shuu is probably the worst one and nearly spoiled the series. He is a real chicken and probably a useless one since he couldn’t even hold a pistol. Worse, he is also been brought down by a girl in a wheelchair. Probably the only thing good about him is his power to extract Voids within someone and use it as a weapon. Inori is probably hiding her emotions since she has very little feelings and might have lost her memory until Gai comes in and gives her a new name. The girl in the wheelchair, Ayase looks hot although she is on a wheelchair and unable to walk.


Well, the weapon Gai was talking about, the Leukocyte was way too freaking powerful. 3% power equals 110% damage?! I wonder what happen if you crank it up to over 9000…. (end of Earth?). I can’t wait for the next episode especially the fate of Gai after his convoy was hit by the Leukocyte.


This is something off-topic but, I saw some FDP (Fibre Drop Points) at the backlane of my house so hopefully by next year, I will have fibre internet and hopefully, leave the bloody retarded unstable 1Mpbs DSL permanently and I can finally download HD quality anime faster and with less timeouts.


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