Introducing Orbis OS (Now In Pre-Alpha)

November 19, 2011 § 12 Comments

Hey guys!!! After months of work on this project, I would like to proudly introduce Orbis OS, an OpenSUSE-based Linux distribution designed in mind for anime and manga fans alike. Besides that, it has also designed to be user-friendly as possible and easy to use especially for Linux newcomers. Unlike OpenSUSE, Orbis OS is self-dependent in terms of package use and update cycle besides being more simplified and uses upstream branding for most of the system. Orbis OS contains essential pre-installed applications such as Mozilla Firefox, Amarok Music Player, VLC Media Player, Deluge Bittorent Client and several more. We have also pre-installed Flash Player, Java and several codecs for your ease so you don’t have to install them when using Orbis OS. Here is a rundown of some of the features offered on Orbis OS:

  • Ease of use and reliable
  • Works out of the box
  • Secure and virus-free
  • Compatible with many devices, files and even works with Windows applications
  • Free and open source

However, Orbis OS is currently in Pre-Alpha stages so it is still not suitable for day-to-day use yet or replacing your Windows yet. But, you can try out Orbis OS by downloading it here or by torrent here. It is recommended to try out Orbis OS on a virtual machine like Virtualbox/VMWare or on a spare computer (if you have one). We also have a wiki website and our temporary homepage here. Below are some screenshots of Orbis OS.


File Manager

As this is a Pre-Alpha release, there may be some bugs and I would be happy if you can report them here as soon as you find them. Also, if you have any suggestions I would be happy to hear it from you guys too so I can improve on it on the next version release. Also, we will post the latest news of Orbis OS on this very blog like new versions or development. Of course, if you have anything to say, you can go to my “Contact Me” page on this blog. This is a new project and I hope I can get some support from you guys.


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§ 12 Responses to Introducing Orbis OS (Now In Pre-Alpha)

  • Joojoobees says:

    Interesting idea, but I wonder about your applications. You don’t mention a bit torrent client, but it would seem to be a minimal requirement for anime fans. Also are you targeting playback only, or are you thinking of including software for people involved in fansubbing? If the latter there might be additional tools that would be appropriate to include.

    Best of luck!

    • DragonHunter says:

      I have added Deluge Bittorent client pre-installed inside Orbis OS. Currently, we are targeting playback only but in the future, we may include a fansubbing software or a video editor if there is none. Also, I’m trying to reduce the size of the iso image itself and adding additional software may increase the size dramatically. Anyway, thanks for the idea.

      EDIT: I found an open-source fansubbing software that I could add into Orbis OS. However, I haven’t decide whether to add it in or not.

  • The interface look so clean and productive.

    You do this alone?

    • DragonHunter says:

      The interface is based on GNOME 2, which is used in many Linux distribution in the past like Ubuntu, Mint and Fedora but now the interface is replaced with a new version, GNOME 3. I have to complie most of the packages manually and create a script to do most of the themeing and icons. The default theme is pretty empty and unattractive. Unfortunately, you can say bye bye to this interface in future versions of Orbis OS as we will be migrating to GNOME 3 and its unlikely you can see a similar theme as this in the future version but I will try to make it looks similar to the old one when we swtched to GNOME 3. And yes, I did most of the work here but some of my friends helped me in artwork and application selection.

      • That’s too bad… it do look neat and beautiful.
        It looks like OSX combined with Windows. Haha.

        Well, not yet have interest in Linux yet since most commercial softwares are based on Windows and OSX. Perhaps some good bright day in the future.

      • DragonHunter says:

        Well you have to blame those companies for keeping the code for themselves. Linux is open-source and gets support from community and some companies. Some commercial software is available on Linux too. BTW, the future version of Orbis OS will look like this in the future. But that would only come in the next 8 months although it is used in most Linux distributions currently due to software has not reach maturity yet.

      • Whoa… it look more beautiful.

        Hmm, I might use that future version on my old laptop to give it a new life!

      • DragonHunter says:

        And that is one of the reason why I do not want to include this new desktop shell, Gnome-shell I have posted earlier. GNOME 3 requires the use of 3D acceleration, which means you will need a compatible graphic card and the proper drivers. Unfortunately, it only works on certain hardware and driver configuration like open-source drivers but most computers between up to 5 years old shouldn’t have any problems running it smoothly. If you don’t have it, you will be reverted to fallback mode which looks like this instead of the new desktop shell. We will use the fallback mode when we migrate our base system to OpenSUSE 12.1 and will only starting to use the new shell desktop once it drops support for 3D, so you don’t need a graphic drivers to use Gnome-Shell. I have tested this without 3D and so far, its a little laggy but it shouldn’t have problems if you have at least 1 GHz processor and 1 GB of RAM included. It may take at least 8 months before you don’t need to use 3D for Gnome-Shell.

      • Hmm… My old laptop just use Intel GMA 950. Let’s just try.
        Currently I’m using Macbook Pro.

      • DragonHunter says:

        Your Intel GMA should be able to work. You can test it out by downloading an OpenSUSE 12.1 Live DVD here (Download the Live GNOME DVD) and trying it out without modifying or installing anything on your laptop. If it works, you will see a single bar on top of the screen like in the screenshot. If it doesn’t, it will say that GNOME 3 has failed to load and you will see a fallback desktop instead.

        BTW, since you’re living in Malaysia, do you have UniFi?

      • Nope, I’m in Sarawak here, no UniFi. Just that damn snailmyx. Hahaha

      • DragonHunter says:

        Hi-Five!!! Living in Kuala Lumpur still no UniFi in my area WTF…..

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