Guilty Crown 06/07

November 30, 2011 § 2 Comments


Hey guys!!! Sorry for the delay due to my participation in Google Code-In contest and my retarded ISP purposely faked an internet breakdown just for the fibre users. Anyway, episode six continues from the last episode which Gai and his reinforcements was shot by a powerful weapon called the Leukocyte.

Miraculously, Gai survived the impact and now, he is commencing an operation to destroy the Leukocyte control center at a dam. Things do got go well smoothly at the end when an out of control Leukocyte is crashing towards Tokyo. The threat was taken out by Shuu by using a void when he realises that Gai is sacrificing himself to destroy the Leukocyte.


Episode seven see the return of Shuu back to his school, along with bad rumors about Shuu since he got arrested by GHQ earlier. However, the student council president, Arisa defended him and quell the rumors. Gai now wanted to make a deal with Kuhouin Group at a cruise to provide supplies and transport. When the cruise and the passengers are in jeopardy when GHQ fired missiles at the cruise, with a little seduction by Gai, Shuu extract a void from Arisa and managed to repel the missiles. The episode ends with Shuu’s mother looking a picture of Shuu when he was a child, his mom and his childhood friend, which is probably Inori.



Well, Shuu is improved a little but we will need to wait and see if he changes more. At least he’s not longer a chicken compared to the last episode. Gai has probably too much pressure being a leader since he needs to keep his image and responsibility as a leader. Inori? Well, she is still better than Shuu since she has the guts kill a person. The next episode is gonna be the a beach episode. Thank god this series has 22 episodes….


Oh yeah almost forgot, the OP, My Dearest by Supercell has ben released. You can listen to the full version of the song below. Sorry about the poor image quality in the first two pictures due to bad encoding and poor internet connection (Blame my ISP).


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