Best Rant About Girls Ever!!!

December 10, 2011 § Leave a comment


If you are offened about this post, please turn back now, especially girls.

At first, I was planning to make a rant about how __________ (Insert vulgar/offensive words) girls are, but this guy just explained it nearly everything.

Let me tell you my experience with girls, and it’s probably the worst. In my school, their very arrogant, especially Chinese girls (some girls fair better though) not to mention they can get away from anything and we, the boys get blamed for anything. WTF. Second, I did get betrayed by my girlfriend, to the point my reputation went down hill, seriously. She spreads bad rumors about me and even bitching at me. At least in the end, she did realised what she did but still, that gives me a scar and a bad impression towards girls. Third, they’re very demanding and never gets the job done. If girls rule our world, sure our civilisation will fall overnight.

No words can describe their bitching or whatever you can call it. The director and the actor should be given an Oscar for their rants about girls. Seriously.

And no, I do not support 2D girls unlike most otaku. Although they’re far better, still they’re not real and those body pillows won’t help. I’m neutral.

No wonder why the meaning of the word “gay” also means happy, probably a homosexual is much more happier than their counterparts. Sorry, I’m not homosexual nor gay. I’m just gonna go single and if I ever want to find a mate, I would find one that is a tomboy, at least or acts like a guy but is a girl (Not transsexual ones) or one that doesn’t bitch around and suits me, if there is one.

Moral of the story: Every unsucessful man has a woman behind it.

P.S This is not a troll. This is a real fact.


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