Guilty Crown 08/09

December 14, 2011 § Leave a comment


Hey guys!!! Been busy lately so I will do a double episode review from now on for this series since I’m more comfortable doing a double episode review and I’m pretty busy, not to mention this series has 22 episodes. As you have known, episode 8 is a beach episode but don’t expect a lot of fanservice from this episode. Shuu and his friends are going to a beach retreat, but the real reason for the trip is to infiltrate a GHQ facility nearby, ordered by Gai. Shuu decides to take Souta’s void when he is confessing his feelings to Inori. Souta’s void is a camera which allows it to open anything. When they managed to breach it, they found the canister containing the origins of the virus has been stolen by Shuichiro earlier.


On episode 9, the focus turns to Yahiro and his younger brother, Jun. Yahiro told Shuu that he sold him out just to allow his brother to be treated since he’s infected with the Apocalypse Virus. When they know that the GHQ are going to get rid of his younger brother, Yahiro and his younger brother escape and now, the GHQ are after them. The GHQ managed to corner them and when one of the Enlave’s targets Shuu, it targets Jun instead and unexpectedly migrates the virus towards the Enlave and takes control of it. When the infected Enlave is about to kill Yahiro, Shuu stabs it with Yahiro’s void obtained earlier and finds himself inside Jun’s memory. Jun shows him the memories before the “Lost Christmas” event and he told him that due to the crystals, he is able to see voids and he knows that his brother thinks that he’s a burden from the inside. Jun asked Shuu to kill him before he kills his brother. The episode ends with Shuu telling Yahiro that he has killed his brother and in the background, Hare following both of them.


Episode 8 is pretty decent at the ending, with Shuu admiting that he is always quiet and always holds back his feeling. Finally Shuu realises that he can no longer be a bystander and needs to act. Still, he seriously failed to confess his feelings towards Inori when he was taking out the void, which made him into a laughing stock for the Undertakers. Episode 9 is pretty emotional and it actually opens up a lot of possibilites for this series. I can’t wait for the next episode to see what would happen to them. Cya guys!!!


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