Of Kane and Tiberium (And I’m talking about Guilty Crown 10)

December 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

You might wonder why I posted this picture of a guy for this episode review. If you have played the Command and Conquer Tiberium series, you should have known this guy already. He’s Kane, leader of the Brotherhood Of Nod and No. 1 enemy to GDI (Until the Forth Tiberium War). He’s also known as a messiah or a prophet. He believes that Tiberium, a dangerous crystal that destroys or crystallises all carbon-based lifeform and the environment is the next stage of human evolution and does everything to spread Tiberium all around the world (Although his actual goal is to ‘ascend’ to the heavens).

Now, what does it relate to this episode? In episode 10, the Anti Bodies team spreads the virus via a broadcast resonance around the city using the stolen canister which contains the virus and causing havoc around Tokyo, crystalising everyone including the GHQ and the Undertakers. And the man behind it is Shuichiro, the head of the GHQ Anti Bodies and the same guy who stole the canister. Pretty similar to what happened during the Second Tiberium War (When Kane uses a missile instead to spread the virus) until GDI stopped them. On Guilty Crown universe however, the damage is done and Lost Christmas repeats again.


Coincidentally, some of the characteristics of Tiberium and the Apocalypse Virus are similar. Both of them crystalises upon contact or exposed and damage or morph their hosts. They also come from the same origin, a metorite falling from space and spreads once it crashes to earth. Apparently, the colour of the crystals is somewhat similar (I’m refering to the blue Tiberium ones, not the common green ones) but that’s where the similarities end. Now, the Apocalypse Virus could also spread through air, similar to Tiberium but it’s unconfirmed since there’s not much facts about the virus, yet. Of course, Tiberium is much much more deadly then the Apocalypse Virus (Like destroying the environment and turns them into an alien terrain) but I doubt the producers get the idea from this game, though.


It’s not a suprise that there’s a mole under GHQ since the Anti Body division is independent from them but what suprise me is that they want to recreate Lost Christmas since they believe that it is the catalyst for human evolution. The Undertakers are now in deep trouble with Gai unconscious and the virus spreading inside him. The rest of GHQ fell into disarray and in confused state.


Shuu? He’s in shock and has visions of people crystalises due to the virus since the incident in the last episode and quits the Undertakers. But still, he still a wimp and if the series goes bad, its because of him. The character development is pretty bad with Inori having feelings for him without an explaination or some sort. Overall, the plot took a twist and I can’t wait for the next episode to see what happened to Gai. Hopefully, Shuu will eventually change but I highly doubt that. At least we know who is the mysterious girl inside Shuu’s mind and it is his sister.


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