A Manga/Anime fan towards Linux….. (Part One)

December 30, 2011 § 3 Comments


Yes....the sad reality of Linux.....

It’s about time I do a slightly off-topic this time since I’m pretty bored writing anime reviews currently. As the title suggests, its about how manga and anime fans would react if they switched to Linux. This topic is split into 3 parts due to its post length. As far as I know, many many many many people use Windows even though it sucks, really. Macs are way too expensive although the quality and the elegant OS justify the price. Linux? Many people don’t bother touching it since they think “Linux are for geeks and its so hard to use”. If I hear that statement, I will just kick him/her in its crotch, doesn’t matter if it’s a girl or a boy. Now, Linux is actually pretty easy to use, to the point much easier and even dumbed down recently. A few years ago, installing drivers are painful (I still remember I need to modify a file just to display the GUI) but now, I can just go to settings and select the drivers. No need download from a website and its all automatic. Linux has come a long way to reach this point, even though they risk from losing long power users.

There are many popular Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora and OpenSUSE. Of all of them, Linux Mint is the simplest Linux distribution due to its better usability than its cousin, Ubuntu. Personally, I always used Ubuntu but for this post, I will use Linux Mint since Ubuntu is less stable and more crap with the introduction of Unity desktop. Installation is pretty simple and staright forward. Their installer also showcases some of the features offered. You can also test it out with a Live CD before installing.

Desktop Overview

The Desktop (with custom wallpaper)

Unlike Windows or Mac, the latest Linux Mint ships with GNOME 3 desktop, plus some extras features or extensions since the stock version is confusing and unproductive to some, although it looks really beautiful. The desktop has two bars on the top and bottom of the screen. The bottom bar the the usual taskbar and the menu bar while the top bar is the clock, notification and an infinity symbol, which replaces the “Activities” window on the stock version, on the top left. Clicking on the infinity symbol or moving your mouse to the very edge of the left top of the screen opens up the “Activities” window, which shows your opened and running applications, similar to the “Mission Control” on Mac OS X. You can also find the dock and desktop switcher. The “Applications” sections opens the application list, which looks like “Launchpad” from Mac OS X. I have customised by desktop by adding a trash icon and adding a wallpaper from Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? I don’t really need to customise the icon and themes since its perfect and nice (and it’s the same icon theme used on my Ubuntu PC).

'Activities' window

Applications List

Web Browsing

Nearly most Linux distributions come with Mozilla Firefox as the default browser, and so does Mint. But what makes it different from other Linux distribution is Mint includes the usual stuff like Flash Player and Java so you don’t need to install them to play your favourite videos or flash content. I’m sure most anime/manga fans spends most of time and work on the brower alone. Alternatively, you can also install Google Chrome or Opera if you don’t like Firefox. Internet Explorer? Why the fuck you want to use the worst Internet browser in the world…..sometimes I don’t understand you people…..

~~Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan~~

Playing Music/Videos

Did I mention Linux Mint comes with VLC Media Player? Yes. I’m sure nearly 75% of anime fans has it to play their HD MKV files. Music? Linux Mint has Banshee Music Player which also comes integrated with the Amazon MP3 store. Usually, users need to install codecs on most Linux distributions including Ubuntu before playing a MP3 file or a video. But on Linux Mint, most (nearly all if I’m correct) are already included so you don’t to find a codec on the internet just to play your favorite Hatsune Miku song on a MP3 format. And sorry, there’s no iTunes for Linux yet (Until Apple develops one) but you can still run it on your Linux (See Compatibility section in the future posts).

Yes, VLC IS included BTW. (I'll blog about the OVA in the future)

Getting social/Chat

Linux Mint also comes with a chat client called Pidgin. It took me a while to setup a Facebook chat account but it worked in the end. The chat client is pretty nifty too. The chat client supports a variety of chat networks, from Yahoo! Messenger to MSN Messenger to Google Talk. You can also transfer files and many more. Linux Mint also includes a Thunderbird mail client. Usually I don’t use a mail client if I want to check my mail but of course, you will never know this might come in handy in the future.

Mozilla Thunderbird (Too lazy to set up an account for my mail....)

The downside of Linux Mint is that there’s no social microblogging account included unlike Ubuntu. I commonly used it to keep tabs of my updates on Facebook and Twitter account but it seems I have download it from the software repositories. I will explain more about this in future posts.

To be continued……


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