Winter 2012 Anime Season

December 30, 2011 § 8 Comments

Winter 2012 Anime List (Click for full size)

Hey guys!!! As 2011 come to a close, so does the Fall Anime season. The Fall Anime season sees some disappointment, more notability Guilty Crown (It actually looked promising), but also some ups like Fate/Zero. This season, though, is still full of possible ups, but I expect a lot of downs for this season too until the Spring 2012 Anime season.

Early thoughts………..:

  • Looks bland and nothing caught my attention. I could pass the entire season until Spring Anime season, all because of Sankarea, the second season of Kore wa Zombie desu Ka? and Strike Witches, the movie.
  • Papa no Iukoto o Kikinasai looks promising and I am probably be watching it (And of course, blogging it). Hopefully, there won’t be too much loli fanservice (But I doubt that)
  • And so does Black Rock Shooter. I hope they don’t screw up this time, just like what happened to Guilty Crown.
  • I’ll pass Amagami SS Plus and Nisemonogatari. Probably I would make a first impression for these shows and even if I watched them, I won’t really blog them.
  • Pretty much dropped High School DxD for one reason: Stupid Fucking Censoring. The preview pretty much told everything. Maybe I will add this as first impression…..
  • I might pick up Gokujyo, but hopefully there won’t be much censoring…….(I don’t mind if its blocked by background objects, but if it’s white lazers or sunlight glaring like High School DxD, I will just simply drop.
  • I can ignore the rest, unless something caught my eye……

That’s pretty much sums up for the upcoming season. Most of them are not under my interest currently. Hopefully as time passes something will caught my eye, but I doubt that for this season…….


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