High School DxD 01 (First Impressions)

January 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

Disclaimer:The screenshots in this post contain inappropriate scenes so reader’s discretion is advised.


Hey guys!!! I’m back at school now (ugh…) and although I busy, that doesn’t mean I will go for a hiatus anytime now and still be blogging, only a little late now. Of course, a new year means a new anime season and that means I better get started picking up anime. The first show for this season that I will pickup is……..well…….don’t ask (title says it all….). Personally, I don’t even want to watch this show, let alone blogging it (I already wrote that in the last post). I’m sure this show has a lot of censors and full of fanservice crap and bla bla bla……..I could wait till a better show shows up but for the sake of killing my boredom and waiting for other shows, might as well make a first impression for this show first.

For those that are still clueless, I’m talking about High School DxD and it’s about a high school student, Issei Hyodo which has been resurrected as a girl devil, Rias which happens to be the prettiest girl in the school after being killed by his girlfriend on his first date. The PV tells everything what to expect, from flashy censors to extreme fanservice. I’m sure everyone thought about that…….until they seen the first episode for themselves.


The story starts with Issei transfered into a co-ed school which recently converted from an all-girls high school and he intents to create a harem at his new school. He got himself a new girlfriend and got killed by her on his first date. He was revived the next day and found out that she has vanished without a trace and all records of her were deleted. Soon, he founds outs that his body was acting weird and he has powers. He walked to the location where he was first killed, only to be attacked by a fallen angel. He was saved by Rias, which is actually a devil and founds himself naked with her the next morning with his wound all healed.




First of all, I took back what I said about crappy censors since they aren’t any on this series, not to mention nipples are actually shown on this very episode. Yes, there is literally very little censor for this episode. Thie episode is more like a prologue than an actual episode, but nevertheless it’s a decent introduction. Issei has his priorities all wrong, really. He is more worried about not able to hold some breasts or taking a peek of heaven than getting killed at the first place. I pity Issei since he’s actually innocent if you look at a different point of view, considering he’s pretty lucky since he got a master which is a shameless girl. I can’t really make a review since it’s just the first episode but so far, it’s not so decent, probably a B- or a C rating for now.

Rating: 5.5/10 (Bonus marks for no flashy censoring)

Odds I’ll watch and blog it: Slim (Maybe if it gets interesting then I would pick up or blog it from time to time)


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