Sayonara Megaupload………for now……

January 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

R.I.P Megaupload 2005-2012

Just gonna do a quick post to say that Megaupload has been shutdown and its assets seized by the feds and the site founders are charged with copyright infringement. Most of you here knows that Megaupload is one of the largest and popular file sharing sites and most of you have been using it to download anime or softwares. Usually, I used Megaupload to download games for my PC since torrents are way to slow as my ISP throttles torrents. I’m sure you guys download some fansubs or manga raws from there, admit it.

Coincidently, the takedown happened a day after the internet blackout participated by Wikipedia and other sites (Including WordPress) to protest over SOPA and Protect-IP (PIPA) that would have damaging effects on the internet if enacted. Already, Megaupload was taken down by normal laws, imagine what would happen if SOPA got enacted.

And the files on Megaupload? Well they are gone….for now. The feds are probably right now searching the servers to find proof to charge them to court and that could take months. Anonymous has sent DDOS attacks to multiple websites like FBI, Department of Justice, Universal Music and other companies involved in this takedown as a response of the takedown. Personally, I don’t really miss Megaupload since there are other file hosting sites like Rapidshare or Hotfile. Of course, there might be a possibility that Megaupload would be back in the future…..but I pretty much doubt that would happen even they are free of any charges.


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