Guilty Crown 11/12

January 26, 2012 § Leave a comment


Hey guys!!! Sorry for the late post since I’m busy with my work and everything else in RL. In the last episode, a resonance from the metorite was broadcasted and causes chaos as it crystalises everyone. Episode 11 continues where it left off as the Undertakers are in disarray and the GHQ staff including Daryl’s father being killed by his own son. The Anti-Bodies coverup their involvement by blaming the Undertakers for the incident. Meanwhile, Shuu is planning to rescue Gai, Inori and the other members of the Undertaker with the help of his friends and revealed his secret in the process. Gai and Inori then meets up with Haruka and asks her help to build a resonance broadcaster to stop the virus spread. They managed to build the broadcaster and Inori starts singing which stops the outbreak and cures everyone.

Shuu and his friends are on their way to save them and dodge GHQ attcacks with his friends’ voids. Shuu then climbs up to the broadcaster and was glad to see Inori. However, an unknown boy appeared behind her and gets her void, which is a sword and tries to kill Shuu, but Gai sacrificed himself and the outbreak continued back and rages on, creating a tower above them.



Episode 12 continues with Shuu entering a realm along with boy which captured Inori and Shuu’s past was awaken. He founds out that Gai was once his childhood friend when Mana saved him when he was washed ashore. As their relationship gets closer, Mana has been infected by the virus and slowly becomes insane as she tried to kill Gai and forced Shuu to marry her the day of when Lost Christmas happened. She becomes berzerk and spreads the virus across the city before destroying her own body. After the incident, Gai becomes seperated from Shuu’s family and leads his own life since then. Back in present day, Shuichiro is using Inori as a sacrifice to transfer Mana’s soul into her and starting a new race with him. They were stopped when Gai and Ayase’s Steiner arrives and try to distract and disrupt the process. Shuu took Gai’s void, which is actually a gun that allows other voids to be taken. As Gai reaches Mana’s soul, which was encased in a capsule, he was stopped by the crystals and asks Shuu to stab him along with Mana. Shuu uses Inori sword and stabs both of them, which causes the tower to crumble down and Shuu and Inori float to safety.



These two episodes have explain lots of stuff happened in the past especially the cause of Lost Christmas. After watching the two episodes, I can finally understand the link between the main characters. But still, it made me have regrets watching the last 9 pointless episodes of fighting senselessly with GHQ. Hopefully, the second arc of the series would be far better than the last one. I recommend you to skip the last arc and watch the special episode instead if you’re still new to the series since the first part of the series feels like a prologue.


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