Black Rock Shooter – 01 (First Impressions)

February 6, 2012 § Leave a comment


Hey guys!!! Decided to do another first impression on another Winter anime season and probably pickup the series since Guilty Crown is pretty disappointing and I have very little time in my hands currently. The original animation has been made into a video game (PS3 only ugh…..) and a 4-panel manga. Hopefully the series would live up to it’s hype and awesomeness so far.

The episode begins with Mato Kuroi, a freshman in junior school asking her friend, Yu asking about what is the meaning of the word “Tiny Bird’s Game” which is actually the name of the new girl she met earlier back in school. The next day, Mato met her and found out her name was Takanashi and she pulled back instantly when she decides to have a chat with her. When going back home, Takanashi stumbles her and they both chatted and went to Takanashi’s house. Both of them have a common interest of colours and birds and have the same storybook. While they’re at home having fun, Kagari came over and she starts intimidating Mato. In an alternate world, Black Rock Shooter is being attacked by a creature that looks like Kagari after wondering in a strange place following a trail. Back at school, Mato invites Takanashi to the school festival after being counseled by the teacher. Meanwhile, Black Rock Shooter is continued being attacked after being chained by another creature.

This show looks pretty promising and it’s somewhat similar to Madoka Magica, although I didn’t saw the series myself yet. Black Rock Shooter is like a mirror for Mato in the real world, with her actions and situations affecting each other. I haven’t seen the OVA but the OVA is actually the shortened version of the entire series released two years back. Probably I will pickup the series although my schedule is tight and have no time for anime these day. (Need to catchup on the current series)

Rating: 7.8/10

Odds I’ll watch and blog it: Of course.


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