Sankarea 01 (First Impressions)

April 13, 2012 § Leave a comment


It’s been a long time since I posted anying here since I have exams and I forgot to put a hiatus status for my blog. I will do some site redesigns in the coming days and hopefully, I could catch up on some shows like Black Rock Shooter and Daily Lies of High School Boys (BTW, I dropped Guilty Crown) and post my final impressions on those series. Now, back to the main topic. I’m sure you guys have read the manga including me, which was very popular around manga sites. It’s about a girl, Rea which was awaken from the dead after drinking a resurrection potion created by Furuya and has to eat Hydrangea leaves to keep her sane. Although, the anime is gonna be based on the manga, there will be some scenes that would not be available in the manga itself.


Episode one starts with Furuya introducing himself and had a fetish for girl zombies, wanting to date them. Even since Babu, his kitten got killed after being hit by a truck one day, he was determined to resurrect him back alive with the guidance of an old book he got a few years back. While walking to his school, one of his friend was admiring a girl which was just enrolled into a all-girls school across the river. Her name was Rea Sangka and Furuya has actually seen her back at the old ruined hotel when he was crafting a potion. One night when he was making the potion, Rea came and as usual shouted her anger into the well and cursing herself, due to her father not allowing her to go out and taking nude photos of her during her birthday. Her rant was overheard by Furuya and she begged him not to tell anyone what she said eariler. Soon after, they became friends and when she asked Furuya if he would take responsibility if she became a zombie. He indirectly agrees, unknowingly that decision he made would affect him in the future.




Like every first episode in an anime series, it was a prologue of what’s to come. For those that have read the manga, you may already have known what would the second episode be like. The episode also has a good introduction especially for viewers who haven’t read the manga yet. The storyline and animation was decent and although I have read the manga till the latest one, I’m looking forward to the next episode.

Rating: 8/10

Odds I’ll watch and blog it: Obviously yes 😛


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