Sankarea 02/03

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Alright, time to do another episodic review of double-episodes of Sankarea. I prefer to combine two episode review into a single post since I don’t have to type that much and it helps me catch up on the series just in case I’m busy for the week. Of course, I expected Babu to get revived and Rea committed suicide due to her father not allowing her to go out in episode 2 and 3 since I’ve already read the manga. Somehow, reading the manga earlier spoils the suspense when I watch the anime adaptation but still, I’m gonna hang on to the series for a while to see how it goes.

Furuya was giving up on the resurrection potion and running out of ingredients. Rea struck an idea and gives him a Hydrangea flower she found at a grave. She also asked to be resurrected if she was dead since her life, friends and dignity was taken away by her father. At first, when Babu drank the potion, he was still dead and Furuya decides to bury him tomorrow. He also bravely took her back home although she knew she might be seen since she has a sprained ankle. Unfortunately, her father saw that she went out of the house and slapped her when he approaches her. He also punishes her by not allowing her to go outside the house. Saddened by her father’s decision, she attempts suicide by drinking the potion Furuya made earlier and colapses on the bed. Meanwhile back at Furuya’s home, Ranko gets suspicious over Furuya’s whereanouts and decides to open the ice box when Babu is kept. When she opens the box, Babu pops out and zips to the sky, much to Furuya surprise that the potion worked.



The next morning, Rea woke up and tries to cheer up after yesterday’s incident. One of Rea’s father servants have found out the identitiy of the boy that took Rea home and her father instructs him to cut off his manhood as a warning. Back at the temple, Ranko is mad at Furuya after managed to revive Babu back alive. While arguing, Babu suddenly jumps and walks to somewhere far. Furuya and Ranko followed Babu and found themselves at the foot of Rea’s mansion. Meanwhile, Rea sneaked out and desperately tries to find Furuya, unaware that she’s being followed. Furuya notices that Babu was eating Hydrangea leaves and found Rea walking on top of the ledge. While Rea was walking, her father followed and confronted her to come back home. He then drags her back when she fail to ask for freedom. Out of nowhere, Babu jumped on top of the ledge and stopped her father from walking further. Rea realises that the potion work and when her father tried to beat the cat, he hits her instead causing her to fall to her death. Furuya froze and slowly walked to her body, only to realise she miraculously survives fall and she reminded him about the promise he made back at the hotel as she clutches her arm on him.



The mangaka promised that the anime would outbeat the manga itself and so far, his statement holds water. There are many scenes that wasn’t included in the manga itself and its an eye-opening experience even though you read the manga. So far, the plot is same as the manga so far but I wanna see how the anime ends. Hopefully it won’t be abrupt ending or a halfway story but I keep my fingers crossed. I can’t wait for the next episode on what would it be. (Spoiler: Read Chapter 4 and 5 of the manga)


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