Guilty Crown 11/12

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Hey guys!!! Sorry for the late post since I’m busy with my work and everything else in RL. In the last episode, a resonance from the metorite was broadcasted and causes chaos as it crystalises everyone. Episode 11 continues where it left off as the Undertakers are in disarray and the GHQ staff including Daryl’s father being killed by his own son. The Anti-Bodies coverup their involvement by blaming the Undertakers for the incident. Meanwhile, Keep Reading


Of Kane and Tiberium (And I’m talking about Guilty Crown 10)

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You might wonder why I posted this picture of a guy for this episode review. If you have played the Command and Conquer Tiberium series, you should have known this guy already. He’s Kane, leader of the Brotherhood Of Nod and No. 1 enemy to GDI (Until the Forth Tiberium War). He’s also known as a messiah or a prophet. He believes that Tiberium, a dangerous crystal that destroys or crystallises all carbon-based lifeform and the environment is the next stage of human evolution and does everything to spread Tiberium all around the world (Although his actual goal is to ‘ascend’ to the heavens).

Now, what does it relate to this episode? In episode 10, Keep Reading

Guilty Crown 08/09

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Hey guys!!! Been busy lately so I will do a double episode review from now on for this series since I’m more comfortable doing a double episode review and I’m pretty busy, not to mention this series has 22 episodes. As you have known, episode 8 is a beach episode but don’t expect a lot of fanservice from this episode. Shuu and his friends are going to a beach retreat, but the real reason for the trip is Keep Reading

Guilty Crown 06/07

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Hey guys!!! Sorry for the delay due to my participation in Google Code-In contest and my retarded ISP purposely faked an internet breakdown just for the fibre users. Anyway, episode six continues from the last episode which Gai and his reinforcements was shot by a powerful weapon called the Leukocyte.

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Guilty Crown 05

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The main character, Shuu is probably the worst one and nearly spoiled the series. He is a real chicken and probably a useless one since he couldn’t even hold a pistol. Worse, he is also been brought down by a girl in a wheelchair. -Keep Reading->

Guilty Crown 04

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Episode 4 is just awesome. Finally, Inori did something after 3 episodes of hiding and doing nothing like Shuu. Of course, she did that since she probably has a Keep Reading

Guilty Crown (First Impressions)

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Hey guys!!! Been busy writing a wiki and still have time for anime suprisingly. This time, I’m gonna take a bit on Guilty Crown, one of the Fall anime season’s title. Some say the OP song is awesome but I have to find out for sure. I will be covering up to Episode 3 as it is the lastest episode, as the date of this post is published. The story takes place in the year 2039 when Japan is controlled by a corrupt organization GHQ after a virus outbreak 10 years ago. Ouma Shuu, an average 17 year old boy have his life changed when he meets Yuzuriha Inori, a popular internet singer which happens to be a member of a resistance guerrilla Undertaker. Keep Reading

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