Mayo Chiki – 12 & 13 (Final Impressions)

October 17, 2011 § Leave a comment


Hey guys!!! I have not been blogging much due to my exams but now, my exams are all over and I have a holiday break for 3 months. Time to finish up what I started before starting blogging on Fall 2011 anime season. Episode 12 starts with a continuation from the last episode. Kinjiro hitches a ride from Usami to find Subaru after running away from him in the last episode. He manages to find her at a temple where they used to watch fireworks during the festival. They decided to Keep Reading


Mayo Chiki – 10 & 11

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Hey guys!!! I’ve decided to combine two episodes into one post since both episodes have been uploaded around the same time and I have exams in two weeks time. Episode 10 focuses on Kureha’s 16th birthday and she celebrated it at Usami’s apartment with Nakuru and Usami. Nakuru gives her a pair of glasses and Usami gives her a body pillow featuring Subaru as her birthday presents. Afterwards, both of them Keep Reading

Mayo Chiki – 09

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Hey guys!!! Sorry for the delay for this post so I’m just gonna make it short as possible. This episode will focus about Usami and her part-time job. She now works at a maid cafe since the wages is high and she is able to wear cute clothes. He is asked to help Keep Reading

Mayo Chiki – 08

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Hey guys!!! Been pretty busy this week figuring out how to make Clannad run on linux and some other stuff so this post is pretty late than usual. The episode starts with Subaru forced to read an Keep Reading

Mayo Chiki – 07

August 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

Hey guys!!! This week I’m quite busy with work so I will make this post short as possible. Also, due to late uploading of the episode, I only watch the episode today as the episode was recently uploaded. As you have already know, this is a beach episode so I won’t be writing much. The episode starts with Keep Reading

Mayo Chiki – 06

August 13, 2011 § 2 Comments


Hey guys!!! Since my internet is pretty down for two days due to a broken cable caused by ongoing construction of a LRT line near my house, the last episode review is more late than usual. However I manage to catchup on this post and hopefully, post the episode review on time. The episode starts with Keep Reading

Mayo Chiki – 05

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Hey guys!!! Just finished my exams, only to discover that there’s another exam a day after I finished my exams. No, not a resit, but an exams from the school just to stress us out after the exams. Nowadays, school is just real dumb. Anyway, back to the topic. The episode starts with Keep Reading

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