About Me

Founded on 2011, Doragon Den Blog is a small-time blog dedicated to giving anime/manga reviews and Japan-related culture. This blog will also post about technology and gaming news but this blog would greatly focuses on anime/manga reviews.

The name,”Doragon” from the title of the blog is a Japanese translation for dragons in English. The word, “Den” means…..wait you know what den means (It’s a English word). The author has a liking for dragons, thus the name of the blog means “Dragon’s Den Blog”. The wallpaper sometimes changes form time to time, depending on his taste and styles.

The Author

The Author, known as Jeeks, is an average guy living in Malaysia with a strong interests for computers, games like RTS or first-person shooting games (except consoles) and of course, anime and manga. He has been watching anime for 2 years and sometimes reading manga on the net or buying it at a local bookstore. Being a Battlefield fan and a CoD hater, he keeps a low profile most of the time in the Internet and also in RL. He is also a fan of Minecraft and sometime creates large structures and simple machines with redstones. Sometimes, you can find him on Crunchyroll forums or when playing Battlefield 2, Project Reality or Battlefield Bad Company 2.


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